Birthdays Parties

We provide Services for Birthday Parties etc. at Discounted prices.

Special Events

We have a spacious garden when you can enjoy you gatherings and functions.


We provide Breakfast on Request. Expert Cook is available, you can order anything you want, the cook will prepare it for you

Free Wifi/Parking

Wifi is available in all rooms, also in lounge. You can get the passcode from the reception. Parking is Free and inside the resthouse.


We are linked with all the restaurants of Timergara, and if you want lunch dinner, we can provide it for you. You can enjoy your own BBQ on permission from management.


If you are on trip to Chitral or Kumrat, we can provide complete guidance and also if you need a local guide, we can provide you the best guide.

Best Tourist Spot to stay

We provide the best service to Tourist especially to Intenational tourists.