Larham Top Dir Lower

Tourists, from all our KPK, majority of them children and youth, and families enjoy the snow on Larham Top. Most of tourists walks on foot for about five kilometres to reach the Laram Top as the road leading to the 8,500-foot high tourist spot remained closed due to heavy snowfall.

Tourists from Lower Dir, Bajaur, Malakand Agency, Mardan, Barikot and Odigram Swat also visits the Laram Dir Lower, which is also known to be Ridar. The youth also arrange musical shows and do dances on drumbeats.

Tourists also prepare their own meals and enjoy it while sitting on the snow-covered fields.

When you visit Dir Lower, never forget to visit larham top and remember to stay in Chinar Rest House Timergara, One of the best hotel in Dir Lower.

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