Tourist guide to Kumrat Valley

How to reach Kumrat?


Kumrat was discovered and disclosed by Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. After visit of Imran Khan in 2016, the Kumrat was famous and people turned towards an enormous but intense valley.

Most people come up to Kotgal. Some come up to Kashin Ghera Aus (Kala Paani) and some reaches to Do Jangah, further people go ahead. There is no road ahead of Do Jangah, hence the area is anonymous, Shazur and Kashkin Goreshai are also among those unusual areas but really very beautiful.

To reach here, you must first come to the last village of Dir Kohistan’s known as Thal Kohistan. You must Come to Timergara, Dir Lower  then on dir road, rabat, Khal, Warhi Gandigar, to Baab e Kumrat and then to Sheringal, Patrak, to ThalFrom Thal Village and upto Do Jangah you can reach by your Jeep or Car.

Detailed Iternary:

The village at the entrance to Kumrat Valley is named Thall. It’s a small village in Upper Dir district, with very basic amenities.

When you arrive in Thall, it’s best to stay there for the day to organize onwards travel and supplies, though it’s possible to make it into Kumrat Valley on the same day.

To get from Thall to Kumrat Valley, you need to hire a Jeep with driver. The road into the valley is poor, and can be washed out by rains. It will take an hour or two to drive through the narrow valley to the point where the mountains open wide again, and you’ll pass an army checkpoint along the way.

There are plentiful tent camps in the valley during season, and generally offer similar facilities at similar rates.

Basic food amenities are available at the tent camps, and there are small convenience stores every once in a while. Options are limited (and costly, of course), so bring your own food and snacks if you can.

If you want to head out towards Dir—ideal if Chitral and the Kalash Valleys are next on your itinerary—shared taxis leave for Dir from the main Thall bazaar, close to where the turn for Kumrat is. The ride should take 6 to 8 hours depending on the driver.

Bringing a guide can save you a lot of hassle, as English is hardly spoken in Thall or Kumrat Valley.

Do Kala Chasma

Do Kala Chasma is a beautiful place in Kumrat valley. The gushing river flows through it. The magnificent and alluring scenery attracts a number of people here.

Panjkora River

Punjkora river is one of the charming river flowing in northern KPK.The Panjkora Valley contains important sites of the Gandhara grave culture. The River is the natural habitat of trout and other freshwater fishes.

Water Fall Jahaz Banda

Waterfall in Jahaz Banda in Kumrat valley attracts tourists from far away places. The way the water flows down the hill is a treat to eyes. The roaring of water further adds to its charm.

Wooden Canal, Thal

Wooden canals also in Kumrat valley in Upper Dir is another tourist attraction. People visit this place in summers to escape from scorching heat and enjoy the pleasant weather.

Katora Lake

Katora Lake, the word means “bowl” in Pashto. It was named after the lakes resemblance to a bowl shape. It is an alpine glacial lake located in the upper reaches of Jahaz banda,Kumrat valley Upper Dir. The lake is fed by the surrounding melting glacier waters.

Bara Dand Lake

Bara Dand Lake is another amazing lake in Kumrat valley.The beauty of this lake is matchless.It attract tourists from all around the world.You will be really mesmerized by the spell-bound beauty.

Shahi Bin Shahi Dir Lower

Shahi bin shahi Samarbagh Afghanistan border. Shahi Rest house is located on border of Afghanistan, The best place to visit in summer and if you want to enjoy snow fields, you should visit there in winter in December and January.

When you visit Dir Lower, never forget to visit Shahi bin Shahi and remember to stay in Chinar Rest House Timergara, One of the best hotel in Dir Lower.

Larham Top Dir Lower

Tourists, from all our KPK, majority of them children and youth, and families enjoy the snow on Larham Top. Most of tourists walks on foot for about five kilometres to reach the Laram Top as the road leading to the 8,500-foot high tourist spot remained closed due to heavy snowfall.

Tourists from Lower Dir, Bajaur, Malakand Agency, Mardan, Barikot and Odigram Swat also visits the Laram Dir Lower, which is also known to be Ridar. The youth also arrange musical shows and do dances on drumbeats.

Tourists also prepare their own meals and enjoy it while sitting on the snow-covered fields.

When you visit Dir Lower, never forget to visit larham top and remember to stay in Chinar Rest House Timergara, One of the best hotel in Dir Lower.

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Shen Ghar Dir Lower

Shenghar Lajbouk is one of beautiful and green mountainous peak. One of the wonderful green view point of Dir Lower.

Lajbouk is a union council of the Lower Dir District in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.

Lower Dir District has 37 union councils with a population of 797,852, according to the 1998 census report. The population growth rate of the Lower Dir District was 3.42% per annum between the 1981 and 1998 censuses.

Tourists also prepare their own meals and enjoy it while sitting on the peak.

When you visit Dir Lower and want to enjoy mountain climbing and hiking, never forget to visit shenghar and remember to stay in Chinar Rest House Timergara, One of the best hotel in Dir Lower.

Chitral Kalash

The Kalasha (Kalasha: Kaĺaśa; Nuristani: Kasivo; Urdu: کالاش‎), or Kalash, also called Waigali or Wai, are a Dardic Indo-Aryan indigenous people residing in the Chitral District of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. They speak the Kalasha language, from the Dardic family of the Indo-Aryan branch. They are considered unique among the peoples of Pakistan. They are also considered to be Pakistan’s smallest ethnoreligious group,practicing a religion which some scholars characterize as a form of animism, and other academics as “a form of ancient Hinduism”.

Unfortunately, the Kalash culture is diminishing. Many non-Kalash have started living in the Kalash Valleys, and roughly 50% of Kalash people have converted to Islam for one reason or another.

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Kumrat Valley Dir Upper

Kumrat valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in Pakistan. Kumrat Valley is in the Upper Dir of the Khyber Pakhtunkwa province of Pakistan is a beautiful valley surround by stunning mountain peaks and the gushing black and green water of the Kumrat River, but this valley is hidden from the world.
Kumrat valley lies obscured for most of the travelers and tourists visiting Pakistan or even the local tourists exploring the yet unexplored Pakistan.

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